'Cheese' Charcuterie Tray With Handles

'Cheese' Charcuterie Tray With Handles

This handcrafted "cheese" live edge ash charcuterie tray will look great with any kitchen & be sure to start a conversation at your next dinner party! 


Alexa, the 'maker' handcrafts all boards in small batches and does everything herself; from sourcing wood, engraving, resin work, sanding & finishing of all products! Each board is unique and proudly handcrafted in Illinois. 


All boards are finished with food safe cutting board oils & are ready to be used. Boards come with care instructions (washing, oil & maintenance) so they will know how to care of it for years to come! To extend the life of the boards, I do suggest applying cutting board oil regularly, which is available for purchase from my shop also.


The board above IS the one that will ship. Size is approximately: 11.75 in length X 7.5 in Wide x 0.75 in Thick


Please feel free to message me with any questions!